Software Development & Services

Our technology expertise and know-how is based on years of experience and aligned with each clients individual needs and desires. We provide custom service delivery models tailored to each clients' need that can help you reduce risk, control costs, improve efficiency and delivery, free internal resources, expand solutions, and most importantly, focus on what you do best - running your company.

Project Management

When you entrust software development to Brelsfoard Technologies, you tap into a company highly skilled and experienced, well-versed in the successful delivery of complex digital & personnel solutions. We provide and manage the entire chain of software production and delivery processes - from specifications & scoping to development through implementation and deployment, to support; we can build and optimize your Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) to reach your goals most efficiently and effectively. Our services are built upon our know-how and through the experience of numerous years with complex guidelines and stringent deadlines. Our Product Management is nurtured by customized agile software development methods and has product ownership mentality. You will be amazed by the level of commitment and ownership we provide aiming to release on time and budget the best solution for your business.

Team Development

Our team development services are here to provide an immense level of flexibility and scalability to your internal software development and IT services departments. You will be able to handle staffing issues in an efficient and collaborative approach. This will give your business a competitive edge with low operational costs. We will provide the right software engineers, QA engineers and other IT experts to integrate directly with your team, so you can tackle the projects you need (whether they be larger or smaller), and take on new business opportunities. Our services include: Onsite and Remote Teams, Near-shoring and Offshoring, Mixed Delivery and Dedicated Teams.

Managed Services

You should be focused on the key competencies of your company and not getting overwhelmed with the specifics of managing your engineering, IT or development department or its Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC). We will take over this huge responsibility from you and will manage, develop and support your software solutions as if they were our own. We can help you with a wide variety of situations and needs: problem employees, disorganized teams, growing pains, growing needs, team initialization and development, and so much more.

Maintenance & Ops

Being the main pillar of your business vitality, software maintenance and operations can require a great deal of time and resources. Our support team takes care of all operational, proactive, reactive and remediation activities of your production software systems to enhance your efficiency and lower the operational costs of keeping the promised SLA and OLA to your users.

Custom Software Development

In today's never-ending technological progression every business needs to constantly innovate and reshape its strategy. We at Brelsfoard Technologies can help you lead the market and prevail over your competition with premium custom software solutions. No matter if you're aiming at improving your back-office processes or if you're planning to enhance your mobile and web channels, we're here to guide you in the digital world.

Providing cutting-edge web solutions to your users is the key to achieve success in the highly competitive web environment or to improve your employee engagement. Our customers have entrusted us with the design and development of sophisticated web platforms and web apps, including APIs and SaaS solutions. After engaging with us you will always stay ahead of your competition in terms of web innovation and solution efficiency.